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Feasibility Navigator

Accurately identify sites with an appropriate patient population based on study eligibility criteria.

A site's ability to accurately forecast how many suitable patients they have for a study is critical to managing risk and the study's overall success. Sponsors and CROs have relied on sites to provide these forecasts, however, the site's ability to recruit isn't always in line with what was predicted.

Feasibility Navigator allows study teams to quickly and accurately identify sites with appropriate patient populations

The Longboat Feasibility Navigator:

  • Generates an accurate assessment of the viable patient population at each prospective site by facilitating a real-time search of the protocol’s eligibility criteria against the site’s patient database
  • Creates evidence-based, site-specific, recruitment targets
  • Facilitates the prior identification of potential patients to screen upon site initiation
  • Enables real-time tracking of planned versus actual pre-screening rates
  • Identifies trends in pre-screening activity (e.g. the main causes of pre-screen failure, site activity, etc.)
  • Supports strategic decision making based on clear analytics of real-time data
  • Is a fully mobile and user-friendly platform

Cycle time from IND filing to NDA submission has increased by 8% since 2005. Higher investment in technology and more systematic practices correlate with more speedy study start up. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

It is estimated that almost half of all sites (48%) do not deliver the number of patients they anticipate, and study timelines are typically almost doubled to meet desired enrollment levels.

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