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Online Clinical Trial Training

Society’s digital habits have changed the way we learn. Key messages are best shared and retained when delivered via concise, digestible, and visually engaging video formats. Longboat's training modules combine industry-leading instructional and graphic design techniques to create impactful content that achieves over 95% training compliance by clinical site staff.

Longboat's Online Training includes concise, workshop-oriented training approach supported by effective eLearning videos developed by specialized staff with backgrounds in research, pharmacology, medicine, graphic design, animation and more. All housed within a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system, reduce site burden with a centralized training hub: one point of access for all key study training with options to host additional web-based resources for all program/study-level training.

  • Increase retention and accessibility: 90% of site staff mix their research role with their main clinical role. There are multiple pressures on their time and lengthy study documents do not help. Longboat conveys the essential aspects of complex, text-heavy protocols and presents them in a fluid, easy-to-understand, visual, and always accessible format.
  • Maximize IMs and SIVs: Site staff focus groups tell us that face-to-face meetings are important for discussion and interactivity with peers. But sites want these meetings to be focused and interactive, with detailed key procedures and eligibility criteria discussions, and less time dedicated to general training. Sites want to take training online in advance, so that the face-to-face discussion time during the Investigator Meeting is maximized.
  • Ensure inspection readiness: The key to a worry-free inspection lies in ensuring that all your trial records are immediately and easily accessible to the inspectors when the time comes. For a sponsor, this includes key documents such as the protocol and its amendments, but also extends to technical information, communications to investigators, safety reports, training records, checklists, consent forms, and monitoring templates.

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Time: 1 p.m. ET, 12 p.m. CT, 10 a.m. PT
Duration: 1 hour

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