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Virtual Visits

Longboat's Virtual Visit functionality provides an integrated tool to support virtual trials and remote participant visits with video visit capability. This enables investigators to invite their participant to attend an end-to-end encrypted and HIPAA/GDPR compliant video visit session directly from within the Longboat platform.

Combine visit-specific instructions with a video visit interface

Longboat Virtual Visits allows physicians and nurses to conduct secure and private video visits with their clinical trial participants. The solution enables sponsor companies to further their efforts in designing protocols and decentralized trials using entirely virtual visits or a hybrid of face-to-face and remote visit methodologies. The Virtual Visit feature combines visit-specific instructions within the video visit interface to provide sites with a powerful productivity tool, contributing to improved protocol compliance and a better participant experience.

The tool:

  • Reduces Participant Burden: Contending with worries around their condition and concerns in participating in a clinical trial, participants now have the added burden of interrupted visit schedules and treatment. Virtual Visits help to facilitate an existing schedule, and enable comforting face-to-face contact with their physician.
  • Increases Participant Retention: To optimize the chances of seeing a robust effect, clinical studies must retain participants. The burden associated with attending clinical trial visits has downstream implications for patient retention.
  • Reduces Costs: Trial participation can also include lost days from work for paticipants, pass-through travel costs for sponsors, and strain on paticipants and their caregivers to devote time and energy to participate.

Health information is held to the highest security standards so embedding this capability within the Longboat environment ensures that patients can continue their involvement in leading-edge research remotely while not compromising their data security.

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