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Adapting, Adopting, and Succeeding in a Decentralized Landscape

Watch now, as leaders across the research community discuss the exponential evolution of clinical trials, uncover trends observed across the industry, and hear how leading research organizations have adapted to a decentralized landscape.

Decentralized clinical trials are gaining momentum as sponsors, CROs, vendors, and sites work to adopt remote workflows and remove participation barriers in clinical research. Despite its increased popularity, conducting decentralized research is undefined, and many industry stakeholders are still working to overcome operational and regulatory challenges.

In this expert panel discussion, representatives from industry, research sites, and academia explore the impact of decentralized models on the research landscape. This includes discussing observed trends at the site and sponsor level, examining obstacles to conducting innovative research, and proposing opportunities for improvement that still remain.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize key impacts of decentralized trials on your research operations and regulatory processes
  • Explore lessons learned from some of the research industry’s biggest players in their efforts to adapt to and adopt decentralized workflows
  • Discuss the evolving roles and responsibilities of sponsors, CROs, and sites in training, technology, inclusion of underserved populations, and more
  • Review practical strategies to bring back to your organization to better conduct decentralized research

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Hosted By

Robann Cunningham

Robann Cunningham

Chief Commercial Officer


Bernadette Tosti.png

Bernadette Tosti

VP Patient Experience

Patricia Salter.png

Patricia Salter

Head of DCT Operations

Rosamund Round.png

Rosamund Round

VP Patient Innovation Center and Decentralized Trials

John Reites.png

John Reites

THREAD Research

Paul Evans.png

Paul Evans

President & CEO

Marissa Stroo.png

Marissa Stroo

Director of Clinical Operations - Data
Duke University

Who should watch?

Research professionals involved in designing and implementing clinical trials including representatives from sponsor, CRO, institutions, and site organizations.

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DATE: November 4, 2021
Time: 1 pm ET | 10 am PT
Duration: 90 minutes

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