How to Engage Your IRB to Improve Clinical Trial Risk Management

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IRBs are in a unique position to impact risk management in clinical research. Their role is designed to protect research participants, but this can also equate to elevating best practices in risk management and enabling higher quality studies. Their role is designed to help reduce risk to research participants, but this role enables valuable insight into trial risk management and quality management systems. This session will explore how sponsors and CROs can leverage the IRB in light of its purpose and visibility into data and systems to improve risk management in the clinical research enterprise.

We will discuss real-world examples of how IRBs can further improve risk management and quality systems through education, expanded feedback, and information coordination from all aspects of a clinical trial.

Learning Objectives

Following this free webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify how the IRB can help manage risk.
  • Recognize trial management pitfalls.
  • Describe how IRBs are engaging with sponsors, CROs, and research sites to transform risk management.

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Mitchell E. Parrish


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