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Demo Request: Patient Engagement & Retention

Engage patients on their trial journey with 24/7 mobile access to study news and visit guidance

Clinical trial patients may be managing difficult symptoms associated with their condition and may be anxious about their treatment. Transparent and open information sharing helps to put their minds at ease and make it easier for the patient to remain compliant with the requirements of the study. Study teams can support patients to keep them informed, engaged, and empowered with key information through utilization of the Longboat Patient Engagement Portal.

The Longboat Patient Portal allows:

  • Study team and site staff to share news, information, and status reports
  • Visit reminders to be sent directly to smartphones so patients are prepared and ready for each visit
  • Easy communication directly to patients either individually or as a group via email and/or text messaging
  • Participants to feel, as they should, that they are a partner throughout the study

"Simply feeling like you're part of a team of people working on a task makes people more motivated as they take on challenges."

The average cost per patient on a Phase III trial is estimated to be anywhere from $42,000 - $59,500. Even retaining a small number of participants will generate significant savings and add to the statistical significance of your study. This program makes it possible to efficiently deploy and manage participant engagement solutions across global studies.

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