sIRB 101: An Introduction to Relying on an External IRB

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Federal mandates for single IRB (sIRB) review of multisite research have ushered in a new era of sIRB oversight. Multisite research funded by NIH, HHS, and other agencies must now be overseen by just one IRB, phasing out the previous duplicative and inconsistent practice of multiple IRBs reviewing the same study.

This complicates things for researchers and institutions who have historically relied on their local IRBs. Reliance agreements must be established, policies must be modified or developed anew, and research staff must be trained on the updated IRB process.

In this webinar, Stephanie Pyle, Director of Content and Communications at Advarra, guides institutions through the basics of working with an external sIRB for the first time, including insights into the sIRB relationship and what institutions should expect of their external IRB partners.

This webinar was developed in collaboration with Advarra’s Operations, Regulatory, and Institutional Services Teams. While the presentation will use examples from Advarra to illustrate certain points, this webinar is intended as a general, educational introduction to working with an external sIRB.

Learning Objectives

Following this free webinar, attendees will be able to:
  • Describe typical steps in establishing working relationship with the single IRB (sIRB)
  • Explain key matters and common concerns that arise when working with an external IRB for the first time
  • Define common training needs for local staff

Presented By
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Stephanie Pyle

Director, Content and Communications

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