Unlocking Study Activation: 2023 Study Activation Report

About the Report

Sponsors and sites are often faced with conflicting priorities, but with the same outcome desired – getting the right therapy to market, safer, faster, and smarter. Advarra surveyed hundreds of clinical research professionals from research institutions, academic medical centers, and other key stakeholders to understand the most pressing barriers that may impact study activation.

Access the survey report now for current perspectives on study startup activities impacted by rapidly evolving technology and tools.

Key Insights

  • Understand how the proliferation of tools, technology, budgeting, and contracting processes can create delays and add administrative burden in clinical research.
  • How sponsor technology setup and training has gotten more burdensome in the last five years
  • What sponsors and CROs can do to reduce sites' feasibility burdens
  • What respondents think is the least challenging aspect of a study
  • Which technology improvements can impact study activation strategies and save significant time

Download and bookmark the full survey report now to harness its insights.

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